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​​​​Best Practices

A working method, or set of working methods, that is officially accepted as being the best to use in a particular business or industry best to use in a particular business or industry

Source: The Cambridge Dictionary

Remco Bergman

Remco Bergman, BA, CPMP 

Master Puzzler with a passion for unravelling complex challenges | Identifying hidden connections and patterns is my happy place | Transforming convoluted problems into simple, elegant solutions.

​​Life Coaching

Empower - Transform - Thrive


This program will equip you to:

  • Develop a clear understanding of your life's purpose.
  • Set and achieve meaningful goals.
  • Break through personal barriers and self-imposed limitations.
  • Embrace challenges as growth opportunities.

Teresa Collins, Life Coach 
Ranked #1 in the Top 12 Life Coaches in Surrey


As the type of equipment (New and Used) on offer is extensive, please reach out and provide your specs to receive the equipment you are looking for. You can use the email button to send in your specs. We look forward to hearing from you!

Remco Bergman

StickPack Machine 

We work with Canadian Manufacturers to get you the Best of the Best for Sales, Service and Quality equipment Your business needs

Patrick von Pander, BBA, MCC


The Big Picture for TECHNOLOGY Transformation + Digital Adoption

Technology is rapidly evolving the way businesses operate & the way it shapes how people work! The best-performing companies have established their Systems & Processes, Policies & Procedures, Roles & Responsibilities.  In this age, the most effective way to implement these is to embed these into the technological platform on which the business can scale its growth.  Technology & the way your people work with it now forms the foundation on top of which you can build & accelerate the growth of your company. Book a call to determine if your company qualifies for Funding.

​Human Resources Consulting

Welcome to the SuperHR Service! At our core, we're here to be your HR partner, dedicated to tailoring solutions that fit your organization like a glove. We're all about giving you the keys to a treasure trove of HR services and tools, so you can build your HR program exactly the way you envision it, step by step, at your own pace.

We totally get it – every organization is like a fingerprint, one of a kind, with its own distinct goals and objectives. That's why we're all about teamwork and collaboration. We're here to create customized solutions that cater for your specific HR requirements. It's all about helping you unlock the full potential of your team and supercharge your organization's growth and success.

Now, let's jump right into the exciting world of our specially crafted building blocks, designed to make your HR journey a breeze! 

Pierre Bourbonnais, Super HR

Pierre Bourbonnais, Super HR 

We work in Every Province in Canada, let us help YOU stay compliant

Trevor Longino, CrowdTamers    
Marketing - Guaranteed!


Start-Up Business Growth Engine - Let us take YOUR START-UP all the way!

Who does CrowdTamers help?

We’re experts at taking your media spend and making it profitable. In the last 12 months we’ve dropped CPA >80% for companies in the following fields:

🧠 AI 👩‍💻 HR SaaS 💸 FinTech 

🚚 Logistics 🗜 Big Data

​Risk Management


Zada meets the needs of companies of 3 to 10,000+employees across all major industries, including

energy, mining, forestry, IT, aviation, manufacturing, real estate, retail, construction, transportation and many more!

Commercial Risk Management

Business Liability InsuranceCyber Liability Insurance
Directors & Officers Liability InsuranceErrors & Omissions Insurance
Fleet & Specialty Vehicles InsuranceProfessional Liability Insurance
Property & Casualty InsuranceSpecial Events Insurance

Pascale Hansen, CEO & Financial Strategist 

​Video Editing in 

not hours!

What is Descript?
Descript is an all-in-one audio and 
video editor that makes editing 
as easy as a word doc. Upload media
or record directly in Descript to
instantly transcribe your file into 
text, then tweak the text to directly 
edit your media clips. Edit out filler 
words and silent gaps with a 
single click. Record your screen and
webcam for presentations and video
messages and edit out mistakes
before publishing. Use pro editing
features, such as non-destructive 
multi-track editing, live collaboration,
auto-captioning, exports 
and much more.


Get your trademarks registered with a guaranteed result for a guaranteed budget. 

The Easiest, Safest Way To Trademark Your Brand!

​Run YOUR 

One Person Business

Struggling to remember which online tools do what? 

Choose an All-In-One solution that has all your online business activities linked together organically. One payment > Once a year


As the type of equipment (New and Used) on offer is extensive, please reach out and provide your specs to receive the equipment you are looking for. You can use the Chat feature located at the bottom right of this screen, email, or phone. We look forward to hearing from you.

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